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About Dr. Teresa



Natural Medicine

Food Sensitivities & Intolerance

Trauma & Emotional Patterns

Nutrition & Lifestyle Counselling

Muscle or Joint Injury  Inflammation

Autoimmune Conditions 

Digestive Wellness

Headaches & Migraines

Stress Disorders

Low Immunity

Chronic Health Conditions

Whole Body Wellness

& much more!

Meet Dr. Teresa


I am passionate about all aspects of health that contribute to overall wellness.

As a Doctor of Natural Medicine I am trained in a wide variety techniques and modalities that view the body as a whole unit. 

Many conditions can be decreased or removed through stress reduction, improved diet and lifestyle and by making small health changes.

I am Certified in Personal Training, Nutrition Consulting, Iridology, Foot Reflexology, and am a Reiki Master.

I hold a BSc (Concentration in Nutrition), Diploma of Five Elements Acupressure, am a Licensed Foot Reflexology Teacher (R.A.C) and have completed numerous additional trainings in Natural Health and Wellness. 

As a Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM) I have achieved over 4000 hours of academic and practical training.  

I have a general curiosity about human health and behavior and that leads me on a continuous search of modalities that may offer more insights, learning that increases my awareness of how cells, systems, organs and the body functions and understanding of how energy works to promote health in the body.

I regularly engage in continuing education to exceed the yearly requirement to maintain the DNM designation.

*A Doctor of Natural Medicine does not claim to be a Medical Doctor or a Naturopathic Doctor.


**It is advised to seek advice from your primary care Medical Doctor prior to beginning any alternative therapies.

***If you carry third party Insurance that reimburses for alternative therapies, it is advised to consult with them prior to booking an appointment with a DNM to ensure that you will be covered.


Board of Natural Medicine Doctors and Practitioners |


3555 Don Mills Road Suite 18-529

Toronto On, 

M2H 3N3

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