Health and Wellness Visit Rates

  -Full Intake  (1.5 hrs)         $130
  -Brief Intake  (1 hr)            $100
  -Return Visit  (1.5 hrs)       $130
  -Return Visit   (1 hr)           $100
  -Return Visit   (45 min)        $75
  -Return Visit   (30 min)        $55 
  -Pediatric Full Intake  (45 min)    $75
         (0 - 13 years old)
 -Pediatric Full Intake  (1 hr)         $100
         (0 - 13 years old)

Health and Wellness Package Rates

-Initial Visit (1.5 hr)  &  5 - 1 hr follow-ups    $500
-Initial Visit (1.5 hr)  &  3 - 1 hr follow-ups    $350
​-Initial Visit (1 hr)  & 5 - 30 min. follow-ups  $300
*If you are unable to keep your appointment,
  24 hours notice is required.
**Missed appointments will incur a fee.

What to expect

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 *Tele-health consults: $80/hr


3 - 1 hr Tele-health consults:  $210        

 An initial full consultation lasts approximately 1 ½ hours and includes a complete medical case history.

The following areas will be discussed during the consultation: present and past medical history, family health,

hereditary diseases, diet, lifestyle and exercise habits, medications, allergies and emotional well-being.

I will review any medical diagnosis and perform any required physical examinations.

The patient will be provided with a treatment plan for any health challenges through the use of natural therapies including herbal medicine, vitamin and minerals, supplementation, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle counselling, detoxification and cleansing programs.

These programs are individually created specifically for each patient’s needs.


Follow-up consultations are 30-60 minutes long and are usually held every 1-4 weeks.

In these sessions, progress evaluation will be examined and any challenges will be addressed.

The patient will usually undergo a series of 5-10 follow-up appointments