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Energetic Reset:

Have you noticed patterns in your life? Keep attracting the same scenarios over and over? Have limiting beliefs about yourself and why you can't achieve what you want to?  

Subconscious beliefs and patterns, past trauma and stuck emotions may be affecting your choices and what you are attracting to you.

Science has proven that unhealed Trauma and Emotions affect our lives and health, and can be a root cause of disease. 

If you are feeling stuck, would like to heal from the past, have improved health and relationships, or move past self-limiting beliefs, this course is for you!

Energetic Reset Course Outline:

-This is a 2 day, 14 hour course aimed at personal growth, health and wellness. This course is an entry level course that is for everyone.  If you are looking to have answers to heal patterns in your own life, or are working with others, this is the course for you.


- What is energy and how does it get stuck?

- Patterns, behavior's, trauma, inherited trauma, emotions and how they can sabotage your life and

       why it is important to heal from them

- The energy and frequency of emotions

Basic Anatomy

-Cells, how they produce energy and the effects of toxins and stress on their function

-Organs and systems of the body

-Meridians and the emotions related to them


-How the body absorbs nutrients and the importance of whole foods for energy and overall health

Stress response

-How it affects the cells and systems of the body and long term results of exposure to it

-Illness and diseases that stress contributes to

How to Identify a pattern, blockage, emotion or trauma and where to start

-Observe your relationships, career choices, relationship triggers, family of origin trauma and

  reactions and how to begin to navigate them

-Self-awareness, reaction versus action, boundary setting 

Muscle testing to identify root cause blockages and beliefs

-Grounding and preparation

-Methods of muscle testing

-Questions and how to ask

-How to begin finding answers to your questions, for yourself or others

-Practical application of questions and testing

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded upon demonstration of practical skills in this class

Investment:  $400 ($150 deposit confirms your registration. A minimum of 2 students registered for this course to proceed)



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